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ELSO Registry Committee for Data Quality and Scientific Oversight


The ELSO Registry Committee strives to ensure the ELSO Registry advances extracorporeal life support (ECLS) through benchmarking care and research.

Organization and Goals

The ELSO Registry Committee seeks to cultivate a, diverse, collaborative and motivated community of health care providers. This community is organized into three complimentary subcommittees with separate goals.

  1. Registry Development Committee will improve the value, validity and efficiency of data collection in the ELSO Registry.
  2. Scientific Oversight Committee will facilitate and promote the development of scientific research from the ELSO Registry ELSO Member scientists use of the ELSO Registry for research.
  3. Registry Quality Committee will develop and refine tools and measures reported through the ELSO Quality Reporting Platform that will benchmark ELSO Member Centers performance to peer institutions.

ELSO Registry Database Development Sub-Committee

Mission: It is the mission of the ELSO Registry Database Development Sub-Committee (the committee) to optimize and maintain the value and validity of the ELSO Registry (a comprehensive registry of patient data supported by extracorporeal therapy). This will be accomplished by: liasing with ELSO member centers and experts in the field of extracorporeal technology to ensure registry data integrity, seeking to expand the database to support the needs of the extracorporeal community and industry participants, seeking to positively impact patient outcomes through the availability of highly reliable and valid data, and by continuing to identify opportunities to improve the usefulness and usability of registry data. To these ends we seek to provide the preeminent data resource for the advancement of extracorporeal life support technology in the world.

General Responsibilities: All committee members including officers and administrators will aid to progress committee goals by:

  • Actively advancing current and prospective committee projects.
  • Identifying any potential opportunities to improve the registry database.
  • Maintaining familiarity with ELSO Registry content and functionality.
  • Participating in regular phone conferences and timely communication with committee members.
  • Assisting in marketing committee initiatives to individual ELSO members and member centers
  • Maintaining adaptability in meeting evolving registry needs

Duties of Scientific Oversight Committee

  1. Promote the Scientific Product from the ELSO Registry by
  • Ensure reference to ‘ELSO Registry’ in title or abstracts of publications resulting from data analysis of the registry
  • Liaising with the Communications Committee to ensure important studies from the ELSO Registry are highlighted
  • Collating selected publications in a ‘Highlights from ELSO Registry’ review
  1. Data Request Review - make recommendations for the release of ELSO Registry data sets on the basis of study question, analysis plan and availability of dataset (ie not currently in use by other investigators).
  2. Collate Scientific Product from ELSO Registry and identify avenues for as yet under-represented areas of research.
  3. Assist the Registry Chair in coordinating Registry Reports which will be led by experts in the field.
  4. Consider strategies to improve membership survey delivery and completion.
  5. Establish Policies and Procedures around the specified duties to ensure all are carried out with integrity and the highest professional standards. 


Membership of the Scientific Oversight Committee

The committee is comprised of voluntary members who represent the breadth of specialty groups who manage ECMO patients and care. The committee will include members representing adult, pediatric and neonatal intensive, surgical, and anesthesia specialties and incorporating representation from across the globe including Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Previous Chairs of the ELSO Registry and ELSO Registry Scientific Committee will remain honorary members of the SOC.


The committee includes:

  • The ELSO Registry Chair
  • Chair of the Scientific Oversight Committee
  • Members at large



ELSO Registry Scientific Oversight Committee

Jordi Riera
Max Malfertheiner
Akram Zaaqoq
Erika O'Neil
Kiran Shekar
John Priest
Adeel Abbasi
Yigit Guner    
Ravi Thiagarajan
Hitesh Sandhu
Ryan Barbaro  
KR Ramanathan
Peter Schellongowski 
Peter Rycus 
Peta Alexander 
Matthew Friedman 
Marc Anders
Lakshmi Raman
Joe Tonna
Deepa Jayakody Arachchillage
Andrew Hadley-Brown
Matteo Di Nardo
Samantha Butler
Aparna Hoskote
Aniket Rali
Meng Li

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