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Dr. Curtis D. Froehlich Education Award

This award is named for the former ELSO Chair of Logistics & Education, Dr. Curtis D. Froehlich. Dr. Froehlich's appointment was distinguished by a selfless devotion to the pursuit and advancement of ECMO education both locally and internationally. In honor of his commitment, and in an effort to expand ECMO education globally, the Dr. Froehlich Travel Award was established to support individuals with limited financial resources who are committed to medical education and to improving ECMO care.

The Dr Froehlich Travel Award covers the cost of registration for the ELSO Adult ECMO Management Course and provides up to $1000 to aid with travel costs. This is an annual award.

Applications for the Dr Froehlich Travel Award may be submitted throughout the year for consideration. Winner will be announced on the website and at the Annual ELSO Meeting.