ELSO Registry Database Development Committee


It is the purpose of the ELSO Registry Database Development Committee to optimize and maintain the value and validity of the ELSO Registry through collaboration with ELSO member centers and experts. The Registry will evolve alongside technological and scientific innovations with a goal of being the world’s preeminent data resource for the advancement patient care and technology in the field of extracorporeal life support.



The ELSO Registry Database Develop- ment Sub-Committee (the committee) is a sub-committee of the ELSO Registry Committee. As such it and all its members report to the ELSO Registry Chair.
Goals and other recommendations will be agreed upon by the committee at-large, committee Chair(s) and current ELSO Registry Chair on an ongoing basis and communicated to the ELSO Registry Committee and ELSO membership at large under the following minimum sequence:

  • Monthly: among current committee members regarding ongoing projects
  • Quarterly: among the current sub-committee chair(s) and members of individual projects; among the current sub-committee chair(s) and the current ELSO Registry Chair
  • Annually: among the current sub-committee chair(s) and the ELSO community at large during the ELSO-annual meeting



The committee will be comprised of volunteer ELSO individual members and/or member centers representative of all professionals involved in the delivery of extracorporeal life support.


Membership Consists of...
Sub-Committee Administrative Group: oversees all current projects,leads the development of new projects, and is responsible for dissemination of infor- mation to the committee and ELSO community at large.

  • Current ELSO Registry Chair (3 year term)
  • Current Sub-committee Chair(s):
    Committee Chair(s) will be recruited from the at-large committee member- ship and asked to lead all current projects and oversee the development of new projects. They will serve an additional two-year term as Chair(s) as well as an additional year as Past Chair (total of 5 years).
  • Sub-committee Past Chair(s):
    Outgoing Committee Chairs will be expected to serve in an advisory role for an additional year to ensure continuity of strategic goals.
  • ELSO Administrator(s):
    ELSO employees serving necessary administrative and advisory roles.

At Large Committee Members (minimum 5): Committee members will be recruited to join the committee for a term not less than two years. Members will be asked to collaborate on at least one ongoing project and participate in at least 75% of quarterly telephone conferences.

  • Appointment Process:
    Each September a call for committee members will be made to ELSO member- ship and member centers. Interested individuals may also contact the Sub- committee Chair(s) or the current ELSO Registry Chair at any time during the year.



All committee members including officers and administrators will aid to progress committee goals by:

  • Actively advancing current and prospective committee projects
  • Identifying any potential oppor- tunities to improve the registry database
  • Maintaining familiarity with ELSO Registry content and functionality
  • Participating in regularphone conferences and timely commun- ication with committee members
  • Assisting in marketing committee initiatives to individual ELSO members and membercenters
  • Maintaining adaptability in meeting evolving registry needs
  • Oversee the revision of existing and development of new Addenda to the ELSO Registry (e.g., Cardiac, ECPR, etc). Please see the following for appropriate instructions and supporting documents.
    Sample Letter Of Support New Addenda
    New Addendum Development Guidelines

If you have questions or need any help with the Registry, please email us at RegistrySupport@elso.org

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