Extracorporeal Life Support Organization

Thank you for helping ELSO disseminate information by entering your experience in the ELSO Registry as soon as ECMO is implanted - before the run is complete. Instructions for entering data in the Registry and COVID-19 addendum can be found on the Data Definitions page.

We recognize you cannot complete and submit the entire ELSO Registry case report form prior to completion of the ECMO run and discharge from the hospital, but we would still like to have the data you know now.

To address concerns about incomplete data we report three nested data sets to accommodate the fact that different patients will be at different stages of care (and thus have more or less incomplete data). Also when considering the data please understand that the data displayed is a real-time data stream and subject to change as more patient information is accrued and as centers update the ELSO Registry Case Report Form and the ELSO COVID-19 addendum.

COVID-19 Cases on ECMO in the ELSO Registry

Suspected or Confirmed
Confirmed Cases
Discharged Alive
1048/1961 (53%)
Total counts of COVID-19 confirmed patients and count of COVID-19 suspected but not confirmed by testing.

COVID-19 ECMO counts by ELSO Chapter

Total (n) Still on ECMO Completed ECMO Discharged alive/dead Transferred out on ECMO
All ELSO 2612 352 2260 2051 21
          North America 1688 226 1462 1321 16
          Europe 579 50 497 497 4
          Asia Pacific 51 14 37 30 0
          Latin America 123 34 89 75 0
          SWAAC 171 28 143 128 1
* not reporting cases where n < 5
Reports counts of ECMO-supported suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases by ELSO Chapter (provided the chapter has at least 5 cases reported)

Filters affect the data shown in the tables below:


Patient Age

COVID-19 ECMO Statistics, for all cases including those still on ECMO

Statistics Counts (n) Range
cases 2612 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Age, years (median) 49 2612 39 56
Male 1878 (71%) 2612
Weight, kg (median) 92 2508 79 109
Intubation to ECMO, hours (median) 89 2612 30 154
ECMO Support Type
          Respiratory 2481 (94%) 2612
          Cardiac 102 (3%) 2612
          ECPR 29 (1%) 2612
          VV 2380 (91%) 2612
          VA 105 (4%) 2612
          VVA 17 (0%) 2612
          Conversion 95 (3%) 2612
Positve end expiratory pressure (median) 14 cm H2O 2054 12 16
PF ratio (median) 70 2056 58 92
          Patients with asthma 249 (9%) 2612
          Patients with diabetes 703 (26%) 2612
          Patients with obesity 1204 (46%) 2612
          Chronic Renal Insufficiency 60 (2%) 2612
Patients still on ECMO 352 (13%) 2612
This section includes all patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 entered into the ELSO Registry and ELSO COVID-19 addendum. These patients can be (a) still on their ECMO run, (b) off ECMO and still hospitalized or (c) discharged alive or dead from the hospital.

COVID-19 ECMO Statistics, for all cases that have completed their ECMO run

Statistics Counts (n) Range
cases 2260 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
ECMO run time, hours (median) 338.50 2260 186 596
Stroke 28 (1%) 2260
Intracranial Hemorrhage 139 (6%) 2260
Renal Failure 613 (27%) 2260
Patients off ECMO and still in Hospital 193 (8%) 2260
This section includes the subset of patients from above who either (b) completed their first ECMO run and are still hospitalized or (c) were discharged alive or dead from the hospital. For these patients we can report ECMO run time and ECMO complications.

COVID-19 ECMO Statistics, for only cases those cases discharged from the hospital

Statistics Counts (n) Range
cases 1961 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Discharged alive* 1048 (53%) 1961
Length of hospital Admission, days (median) 30.00 1961 19 45
Length of intubation, days (median) 4.00 1961 1 6
*Does not include the patients Discharged on ECMO - 17 (0%)
This section includes the subset of patients from above who have (c) completed their ECMO run AND been discharged alive or dead from the hospital AND their record has been completed and submitted to the ELSO Registry. For this table we can report survival, length of hospital stay and length of intubation.

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