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ELSO Steering Committee

Activities of ELSO are directed by a Steering Committee comprised of up to sixteen members: chair, chair-elect, past chair, chairs of the six standing committees (Registry, Conference, Protocols and Research, Logistics and Education, Technology, and Communications), and up to nine at-large members. The responsibilities of the committee include that of defining the functions of the organization, administering finances, maintaining the Registry, coordinating standing committee activities, identifying programs and determining priorities, communicating activities both within and outside the organization, and acting as the nominating committee for new Steering Committee members. The committee meets in person twice a year, and conducts teleconference meetings on an ad hoc basis.

Past Steering Committee Members

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Steering Committee

Jay Shiland Director
Elizabeth Maringer Director
Matthew Paden President 2020-2022
Mark Ogino Past President 2020-2022
Dan Brodie President Elect 2020-2022
Peta Alexander Treasurer and Secretary 2020-2022
Graeme MacLaren Global Board Member 2017-2021
Robert Bartlett Founder, Board Member Emeritus
Eddy Fan Research Committee 2020-2023
Cara Agerstrand Conference Committee 2020-2023
Ryan Barbaro Registry Committee 2019-2022
Jenelle Badulak Nominations Committee 2020-2023
Tracy Morrison Quality Committee 2020-2023
Bishoy Zakhary Education Committee 2018-2021
Jonathan Haft Innovation and Technology Committee 2018-2021
Lakshmi Raman Publications Committee 2018-2021
Darryl Abrams At-large 2018-2021
Guillermo Herrera Coordinator 2018-2021
Justin Sleasman Perfusion 2018-2021
Bradley A. Kuch RT Liaison 2020-2023
Jan Belohlavek EURO-ELSO Chair 2019-2021
Leonardo Salazar LAELSO Chair 2018-2020
John Fraser APELSO Chair 2019-2021
Akram Mohamed Abdalbary Ahmed SWAACELSO Chair 2021-2022