Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

To provide support to institutions delivering extracorporeal life support through continuing education, guidelines development, original research, publications and maintenance of a comprehensive registry of patient data.

The guiding principles of ELSO are: 

Innovation: Seeking to identify and promote advances for the application of extracorporeal therapies.

Expertise: Bringing together world leaders in the care of critically ill patients for collaboration to advance quality of care through education and publication.

Clinical support: Maintaining a comprehensive registry of data to assist in reducing morbidity and improving survival of patients requiring extracorporeal therapies.

Community: Fostering communication and collaboration among professionals who apply advanced technologies in the treatment of refractory organ failure.


Vision Statement

ELSO will be the premier organization providing education, training, research, and data management for the advancement of extracorporeal life support throughout the world.


19 Feb 2011

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