Application Instructions


Preparation for Completing the Application:

1. Read the Award for Excellence Policies and Procedures before beginning the application. It is a requirement that the Center read and acknowledges that they are aware of the policies and procedures prior to submission of the application.

2. Develop your Center’s preparation for the award process by using either the Award Evaluation and Improvement Tool for Gold or Platinum; or the Award Readiness Tool for Path to Excellence. Each Center should utilize the Tool to optimize their application.

3. Download and utilize the Application Worksheet before beginning the online application process. This worksheet will allow you to complete answers prior to filling in the online application.

Create Access to the Online Application:

1. Designate the assigned individuals to complete your application on the ELSO website.

2. Have your system administrator log in to with their username and password.

3. On the Manage Tab, select or add the center members responsible for completing the award.

4. Click Edit Tab on the far left column and scroll down to select the box with the Center of Excellence award application role.

5. Click to save changes.

6. During the submission period (10/15 – 3/1), you have unlimited access to edit and complete your award. At 2359 EST on 3/1, the application will lock, and you will no longer be able to edit or submit your application

Completing the Application:

1. Log in to as an assigned Award Individual

2. Select the Award of Excellence tab

3. Select Application

4. Select Start My Application

5. The application will lead you through the sections in order (sections a, b and c must be completed prior to beginning the application):

a. Basic Info – Enter contact information, medical director information, type of award applying for, and confirm that all documents have been read and understood by the Center. Finally, provide electronic signature verifying all information is true and accurate herein

b. Demographics – Answer all questions related to the center

c. Plaque Information – Answer all questions as directed

d. AOE Application – Complete the Award Application as directed

e. Payment – Allows printing of an invoice or the ability to enter payment information directly. This tab may be accessed at any point of the application process. Payment must be received by the Application deadline of 3/1 for the Application to be accepted.

f. Status – Allows the Center a quick view of which sections have been completed.

g. Please note – sections are marked with a green or red dot. Green designates completed, red designates incomplete sections.

6. Within the application, you must click ‘next’ or ‘save’ to save your work

7. The following supporting documentation is required. Missing documentation will result in not meeting the standards of those questions. Attachments must be de-identified with center-specific headings and content blacked out or removed. Only these five attachments should be included – any additional documentation must be within the body of the application, not as an attachment.

a. Basic core outline or plan for the most recent ECMO training course

b. Initial water drill checklist or simulation scenario

c. Recent annual written test

d. Recent continuing education water drill checklist or simulation scenario

c. Orientation competency check-off documentation

8. Upload the required documents by clicking Choose File button; select the document from your computer, then click the File Upload button. The application will show a “file upload successful”.

9. To remove a document, click the red ‘X’. The application will show a “file removed successful”.

10. Remove all identifiers in the application. The city, institution, staff names, or other identifiers must not be used in answering questions. All attachments must have center-specific headings and information removed. Applications will be not be considered if they are not de-identified.

11. When examples of projects, processes, or initiatives are requested, specific examples should be relevant to ECMO and may only be used once. For instance, the same example may not be used for both a quality initiative and a best practice journey. If examples are repeated, only one question will be given credit. The other will automatically be scored as a “does not meet”.

12. Answers may be written in the fields provided in the online application. The online editor is available for you to spell check and format as necessary.

13. International centers should assure fluency of English. The application must be completed in English. Centers may choose to complete the application in their native language and may use Google Translator or a similar application once the application is complete to translate to English.

Submitting the Application:

1. Click the Submit button once you have finalized the application.

2. Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email from ELSO.

3. You may make changes to your application up to the final deadline of March 1st, at 2359 EST.

4. Download your completed and final application within 6 months of submission date for your records. Attached documents will not be available for download.

Final Details:

1. All inquiries regarding fees and Application submission direct to

2. All inquiries regarding the Award for Center of Excellence in Life Support or the Path to Excellence in Life Support direct to