ELSO and ELSO Endorsed Courses/Workshops

Adult ECMO for respiratory failure and septic shock | Stockholm, Sweden
10/05/2020 - 10/08/2020
Deadline: First come first served basis. Max 24 participants.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Björn Frenckner +46707226115 bjorn.frenckner@sll.se
This ELSO course is intended for physicians (intensivists, surgeons etc), nurses, perfusionists and other health care professionals, who either work in an ECMO program or who are in the process of starting one. The course will be conducted by the faculty of the ECMO Center at Karolinska. It will include simulations of ecmo patients, practical training in managing the ECMO circuit with change of different components etc, computer simulations of physiology and didactic lectures. Simulations and practical training will be performed in small groups of 6 participants together with one or two instructors. The lectures will cover subjects like components of the ECMO circuit, indications for ECMO, contraindications, managing the patient on ECMO, cannulation strategy, physiology, anticoagulation, troubleshooting etc. The number of participants is maximized to 24. Besides of the course the registration fee will cover lunches, coffee and one dinner. After having completed the course, the participants will have increased both their theoretical knowledge and their practical skills in managing adult patients on ECMO for respiratory failure and septic shock.
Posted Date: 04/16/2020

Extracorporeal Life Support in Adult Critical Care: An ELSO Course  | TBA
11/11/2020 - 11/13/2020
Deadline: Registration will begin in August 2020
Location: TBA
Kennethia Banks 734-998-6600 kbanks@elso.org
ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) is a complex and intensive mechanical therapy offered to patients with cardio-respiratory failure. This intense three day course is designed to train healthcare professionals to care for patients with severe respiratory or cardiac failure requiring ECMO support. All elements of veno-venous and veno-arterial ECMO support will be considered and reviewed. Course content includes indications and contraindications, cannulation techniques, initiation of support, patient and circuit physiology of ECMO, programmatic design and management, and all aspects of patient management and decision making for patients on ECMO. Complementing the ten hour didactic course is an sixteen hour high fidelity simulation lab with an ECMO circuit utilizing centrifugal pump technology. In the conference simulation workshop, small groups will participate in scenarios reviewing emergency procedures and highlighting adult ECMO physiology with a learner to instructor ratio of 2:1. Simulation education will allow participants to develop skills in common bedside procedures and to learn key assessments for decision making by "hands on" experience. The course is appropriate for centers setting up new programs, or for existing centers expanding into adult services. The cost for this course is $3500.00
Posted Date: 05/22/2019

ELSO Cannulation Workshop | TBA
11/15/2020 - 11/16/2020
Deadline: Registration will begin in August 2020
Location: TBA
Kennethia Banks 734-998-6600 kbanks@elso.org
Join us in Atlanta for the inaugural ECMO Cannulation Workshop. The ECMO Cannulation Workshop will train physicians to safely perform percutaneous ECMO cannulation. Taught by a ELSO Education Committee using realistic cannulation models. All attendees will learn all aspects of cannulation in a small-group hands-on format. Specific content includes equipment selection, vessel assessment, ultrasound-guided vascular access, serial dilation, and cannula placement and securement. Instructors will emphasize the value of imaging and address complication troubleshooting. At the conclusion of the course participants will be prepared to perform percutaneous veno-venous, veno-arterial, and bi-caval ECMO cannulations at their institution. This is a one day cannulation course being offered on November 15th and 16th. You must select the day you wish to attend on the registration form. Space is limited to only 10 registrants per day and this website will be updated as days fill up. The cost for this workshop is $2000.00
Posted Date: 06/06/2019