ECMO Cannulation Workshop

An ELSO One Day Event
Emory Conference Center
Offered on September 6th, 7th or 8th
Atlanta, GA


Join us in Atlanta for the inaugural ECMO Cannulation Workshop.

The target audience of the ELSO Cannulation Workshop is intensivists, cardiologists, surgeons and emergency physicians who wish to learn percutaneous ECMO cannulation. Taught by a team of international experts using realistic simulators, attendees will learn all aspects of cannulation in a hands-on setting. Each group of 5 students will have 2 – 3 instructors to ensure individualized attention and all students will perform each specific cannulation procedure from start to finish. Specific content includes equipment selection, vessel assessment, ultrasound-guided vascular access, serial dilation, and cannula placement and securement. Instructors will emphasize the value of imaging and address complication troubleshooting. At the conclusion of the course participants will be prepared to perform percutaneous veno-venous, veno-arterial, and bi-caval ECMO cannulations at their institution.

This is a one day cannulation course being offered on Septebmer 6th, 7th or 8th.  On the registration form you must select for which day you wish to attend.  Space is limited to only 10 registrants per day and this website will be updated as days fill up.


Registration per person is $2,000 which is being reduced to $1,500 for this inaugural workshop.



Hotel information

Emory Conference Center
1615 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA , 30329, US

Registrants for the course will be on a conference package and must use the link below (or phone) to make reservations into our block.  The cost for a single room is $199 plus taxes and fees.  For a double you cannot use the link but must call 1-800-933-6679.  NOTE:  For double occupancy it is $149 per person per night plus taxes and fees.  You cannot use other systems to book your room because you will need the conference package which entitles you to breakfast and lunch everyday and all day coffee/snacks.

Emory Conference Center Reservations




Phone: 734-998-6600