Virtual Neonatal/Pediatric ECMO Course

Live Component: April 4th, 2023

The management of patients requiring ECMO support is technically challenging and requires a thorough understanding of cardiopulmonary and circuit physiology, familiarity with complex circuit components, and an ability to rapidly identify and respond to various medical and mechanical complications.  The ELSO Neonatal and Pediatric ECMO Training Course was designed to provide individual practitioners up-to-date standards of practice & evidence-based recommendations to optimize clinical decision making that are rooted in the foundations of ECMO clinical management. 

Completion of the course will comply with Step 1 requirements for the ELSO – Neonatal & Pediatrics ECMO Certification Exam (E-NPEC) to be launch in the next 12 months!  This exam is being designed to reflect a global standard in foundational ECMO education for neonatal and pediatric practitioners. For more information about our current certification exam please visit our webpage: ELSO Adult ECMO Certification Exam (E-AEC)

This self-paced ECMO course will allow practitioners to develop, strengthen, and refine clinical skills related to ECMO patient care management and improve confidence in working with patients on an ECMO circuit. 

Upon purchase, learners will be provided access to the library of video lectures.  Completion of videos should take the learner approximately 8 hours to complete.  Once the coursework is completed, access to a Zoom link for Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 (2-4pm EST) will be provided to attend a live case study series and Q&A session with select members of the course faculty, moderated by Dr. Giles Peek (Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics, UF Shands Children’s Hospital Congenital Heart Center at UF Health).  All videos must be viewed to gain access to the live webinar session.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This course is appropriate for the entire ECMO team: physicians, nurses, perfusionists, respiratory therapists.

CME: Available upon completion. 

Price: $750

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To Register go to ELSO Academy Online which can also be found under the Education tab (ELSO Academy Online). You will first have to log into ELSO in order to register. If you don't have a log in you will have an option to do so.