ECLS Anticoagulation


ELSO Anticoagulation Task Force


To review evidence and experience in the area of ECLS anticoagulation and develop suggested protocols for the provision of anticoagulation in all clinical ECLS modalites for infants, children and adults. These would include algorithms for managing bleeding and thrombotic complications of the patient and circuit. There will be a discussion board that be accessed through the ELSO website.


To provide ECLS centers with recommendations and guidelines to use for creating their own center specific anticoagulation protocols.


Laurance Lequier, MD
Co-Chair, ELSO Anticoagulation Task Force

Gail Annich, MD
Co-Chair, ELSO Anticoagulation Task Force


We are in the process of identifying anticoagulation task force members from broad ECLS and non-ECLS backgrounds. We will meet to dicuss membership roles and define the recommendations and guidelines that we will pursue.


The completed recommendations will be reviewed by a number of ELSO member centers to make them as clinically applicable and user friendly as possible.

Committee documents:

None at this time.