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Red Book 6th Edition

$145.00 USD

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The 6th edition of the ELSO Red Book is available! Written by over two hundred experts from around the world, this new edition is the definitive reference text on Extracorporeal Life Support, providing both the latest evidence and practical advice on how to clinically manage patients of all ages. There are new chapters on topics not found in previous editions, including Emerging Infectious Diseases, Bedside Ultrasound, Cannulation, ECLS Nomenclature, Extracorporeal Therapy to Facilitate Organ Donation, Physiotherapy and Mobilization, Anesthesia, and ECMO Crisis Management. Not simply an updated version of previous editions, the book has been completely rewritten from the ground up and describes an enormous range of international practices. This is a book no clinician caring for ECLS patients will want to be without.

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